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Hamilton reopened Deep South Wrestling in to serve as a developmental territory for World Wrestling Entertainment , but WWE severed its developmental deal with DSW on April 18, , and Hamilton continued running the promotion on his own as an independent until he folded DSW shortly after its October 11, event. He also competed in Mid-South Wrestling as the masked Nightmare, wearing the same mask he had as one of the Assassins. He retired in Roger Smith went on to fame in Memphis in the mids under the ring name Dirty Rhodes for his resemblance to Dusty Rhodes in both appearance and mannerisms , both as a heel and a babyface.

He has also since retired. He died in his sleep of a heart attack in Tampa, Florida on March 6, at age Jim Ross stated that the Masked Assassins "were the greatest tag team that [he] ever saw. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Professional wrestling tag team.

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Fav Tag Team.. Best All Around Star Ever..

WWE Hall of Fame.. Order JR's Products". Retrieved Wrestling Observer Newsletter. You should know better than to question me. You are not the only ones with business here. Robert: Ah! Well, this explains my missing man. And what is it you want? Altair: Blood. A struggle ensues. I spare you only that you may return to your master and deliver a message.

The Holy Land is lost to him and his. He should flee now while he has the chance. Stay, and all of you will die. Kill the Assassins! The Animus skips ahead. You've returned! Altair: Rauf. Rauf: It is good to see you unharmed. I trust your mission was a success? Altair: Is the master in his tower? Rauf: Yes, yes. Buried in his books as always. No doubt he expects you.

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Altair: My thanks, Brother. Rauf: Safety and peace, Altair. Altair: On you as well. He returns at last. Altair: Abbas. Abbas: Where are the others?

Did you ride ahead hoping to be the first one back? I know you are loathe to share the glory.

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Altair: Have you nothing better to do? Abbas: I bring word from the master. He waits for you in the library. Best hurry. No doubt you're eager to put your tongue to his boot.

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Altair: Another word and I'll put my blade to your throat. Abbas: There'll be plenty of time for that later, "brother. Altair: Master. Al Mualim: Come forward. Tell me of your mission. I trust you have recovered the Templar's treasure. Altair: There was some trouble, Master. Robert de Sable was not alone. Al Mualim: When does our work ever go as expected? It's our ability to adapt that makes us who we are.

Altair: This time it was not enough Al Mualim: What do you mean? Altair: I have failed you Al Mualim: The treasure? Altair: Lost to us. Al Mualim: And Robert? Altair: Escaped. Al Mualim: I send you, my best man, to complete a mission more important than any that has come before. And you return to me with nothing but apologies and excuses! Altair: I did-- Al Mualim: Do not speak! Not another word!


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This is not what I expected. We'll need to mount another force.

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Altair: I swear to you I'll find him. I'll go and-- Al Mualim: No! You'll do nothing! You've done enough! Where are Malik and Kadar? Altair: Dead. He is clutching his left arm which is covered in blood.

The Assassin is born

Not dead! Al Mualim: Malik! Malik: I still live at least!