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Release Date September 28, Reminiscing Introspection Reflection. Track Listing. Shine Your Light. Robbie Robertson. As I'm Leaving. David Gray. Ohio Players. How to Dream. Sam Phillips. Kim Deal. The Breeders. Orange Sky. Alexi Murdoch. You and Me. Tom Petty. Shane MacGowan. The Pogues. Love Sneakin' Up on You.

Bonnie Raitt.

Twice as Hard. The Black Crowes. Big Sweet Life. Jon Dee Graham.


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A Call to Courage. William Ross. Shine Your Light Robbie Robertson. Summer has lusted after Ryland, her older brother's best friend, for years. They have both secretly loved one another from a far for years. Will the finally let down their walls and admit how they feel. This story is sweet, loving and a bit steamy. The joined the Volunteer firefighters as her idea. They worked along side each other until Brendan couldn't take her dangerous and life-threatening ways any longer.

What will happen when the see each other again? This is a really short story. I like it but, I wish there was more to it. I'm going to keep reading to see if I can catch a glimpse of Brendan or Rose is a later chapter. Logan kept his distance, and his desires a secret, because Colton already had a man in his life. Now Colton is single after his partner cheated on him so, Logan is finally free to make his move. What will happen when he announces his intention to Colton?

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Rivas was the firefighter who showed up at her house to rescue her little boy from a hole he had fallen into. Two days later she shows up to his firehouse to say thank you to him. What happens next is anyone guess. Well, not mine because I read it and if you want to know then you have to read it too. Ash spent his teen years fantasizing about Adar. She spent 5 years hating him, at least she did in his eyes. Now 5 years after graduating high school he see her again. What secret about one another will be revealed?

When he finally lays eyes on her again after three years apart it's under extreme circumstances. He was on his first day at the firehouse and she was the victim of a fatal car crash. She was in a crushed car and impaled by a tree branch. What happened next brought tears to my eyes.

Ladder 69 enroute to Hopewell Furnace

Eddie is her older brother's best friend. They had a moment together, a stolen kiss on a rainy night, when she was still in the academy but, they pushed it away and tried to move on. Now several years later he's been injured on the job. What will they do? He was suspected but never charged in his wife's murder. Now a year later his life is on a downward spiral.

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He meets a Crazy lady, who calls herself Zee, in a bar one night. Later he arrives home after several hours of walking around the city to discover Zee has broken into his home. Then after discovering some very disturbing things he runs with her. What will they do and how will he discover who really killed his wife?

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What happened? She lives in the same building as Oz, one of those sexy firefighters from station She fantasizes about Oz and his delicious 24 yr old body quenching her thirst. Oswald 'Oz' is coming home after and long day of working and is ready to have some alone time to unwind. Dottie has other things in mind.

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  • What happens next has some serious sizzle but, as things do with torrid affairs thing sometimes get heated in another way. Chapter Just one night? She works hard to prove she is just as capable as any of the men and she has a deep love of getting inked. She's also just getting out of a funk caused by her cheating, loser ex. Mitch is new to town and is also a firefighter.

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    He recently moved after his ex left him and he accepted a new position at firehouse in town. Candi and Mitch meet when he walks into her favorite parlor looking for a place to get a new tattoo to celebrate his new life, and get rid of the old one.

    After, they decide to meet up for drinks and get to know one another. I guess that's what they are calling it these days. He can't rid himself of the sadness caused by his first lost victim. Jessica Ritter is a detective with Bomb and Arson squad. Ritter is investigating a series of fires that resulted in the deaths of two men.

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