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Storm Chaser by Mark R. Tagged: The Apocalypse by Joseph M. And a djinn passenger tends to pick up their host's thoughts. Subverted in Feet of Clay with Rogers the bulls, which only think that "they" are two different bulls. There's just one Roger, but because his forehead is so bulky that his eyes' fields of vision don't overlap, he decided a long time ago that there must be two of him, so thinks of "himselves" in the plural.

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The book What's Left Of Me features two souls born into a single body. Most 'hybrids' settle after a few years, with one soul fading away, but the protagonists and some others never do. In the original short story The Fly , the scientist's initial test of the teleporter causes his cat to disappear. Then the fly-fusion happens; when he tries to reverse it, he only succeeds in adding the cat to the mix. Live-Action TV. Numerous examples in Super Sentai and Power Rangers.

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In some seasons, the Monster of the Week is typically created by composing multiple organisms. There are also several examples of various henchmen being combined to form uber-henchmen. Most examples of monster merging are voluntary, but in Power Rangers in Space , Darkonda is able to forcibly merge with Ecliptor against the latter's will. Plex, the design studio that works on Super Sentai and Kamen Rider has a design matrix for making monsters which includes Animal, Plant, and Inorganic elements. In the Scrubs episode "My Princess", Dr. Cox tells his son a vaguely Princess Bride -esque story in which Turk and Carla appear as a two-headed witch known as The Turla.

Stargate Atlantis had done this enough times that they do a bit of Lampshade Hanging on the fact that almost all of the major characters have had to share bodies at some point. This leads to a moral dilemma when the Doctor works out a means of separating them but Tuvix, who regards himself as an entirely different person with his own rights, objects to being 'murdered'.

One of the main villains in Gerry Anderson's Terrahawks third season was the result of an alien, robotic pregancy. Due to a power failure during the delivery, instead of Cy-star giving birth to twins, what resulted was one being with two distinct personae; a female, sweet natured, lisping personality, and a male, psychotic German-accented personality.

Since it had both genders, it was named It-Star. One episode of Red Dwarf featured Legion, an intelligence that created both its body and its personality by copying those of all the intelligent beings around it. Kamen Rider Double is formed by partnered detectives Shotaro and Philip transforming together, with Philip's mind and essence merging into Shotaro's body, which transforms into Double. In Come Back Mrs. Noah , a Teleporter Accident winds up creating a fused cat-parrot hybrid. Puppet Shows. In The Great Muppet Caper , Fozzie and Kermit play twin brother reporters, despite one being a bear and the other a frog.

A photograph of the twins' father depicts a green-furred bear with Kermit's keyhole eyes and neck ruff. It's also led to semantic confusion at times as seen in A Muppet Family Christmas. In The Gamer's Alliance , a dragon, an archdemon and a mage join together into a single entity which becomes the Godslayer. Nighthound's resurrection in the roleplay What Happened In Edmonton comes about when Taya tries to use a motivator made from his blood. Tabletop Games. It's shown as part of a future wedding ceremony. It was created by a female surgeon who fused together the remains of her two suitors, who'd killed each other in a duel, into a single body and personality. Not really alive, but the Strahd's Malefic Meld spell from the same setting allowed zombie-crafters to get creative, combining various creatures' corpses into Necrological Mash-Ups. The darklord Frantisek Markov and other mad surgeons craft these things the hard way. Phyrexians from Magic: The Gathering recognise no species; all organisms can be "compleated", and since they frequently exchange body parts most phyrexians are composed of body parts of many organisms.

This is incidentally why they can't produce planeswalkers; the spark can't form when there isn't a permanent body to sustain it. Tibalt the Fiend-Blooded was originally a human who "studied" the effects of torture, attracting sadistic devils to his home. When the law came knocking at his door, he recited an incantation taught to him by the creatures , only for it to backfire and forcibly fuse him with them.

Vilitch the Curseling from Warhammer. Grew up as The Un-Favourite and Butt-Monkey to his own twin, who was far better-looking and more skilled at combat than Vilitch. Until one day Tzeentch answered his prayers, by fusing their bodies as one. Now Vilitch throws spells at his enemies, while his brother's body takes out those who get too close. Tzeentch, being a god of change, magic and conspiracy, tends to create this trope quite a lot. Another example of his influence here is Galrauch, the first Chaos Dragon, who was possessed by one of Tzeentch's daemonic Lords of Change and whose spirit constantly battles its possessor for control of its body.

Galrauch now has two heads, which sometimes end up fighting one another when the dragon regains some control.

It also has Greydle Cobra as a tail. Monster High has three main cases: The main case are Jackson and Holt, who can only exist while the other is "asleep".